All Gypsea Jewel Studio pieces are handmade so please treat them with care by following these instructions:

✧ Do not immerse in water.

✧ Keep out of direct sunlight.

✧ Ensure body creams, lotions and perfumes are dry before putting your jewels on.

✧ Keep out of reach of pets and children.

✧ When putting on or taking off your mala bracelets, gently roll them over your hand individually.

✧ Store your mala necklace flat. This will keep the cord from stretching unnecessarily and will prolong the life of your mala necklace.

✧ Store your jewellery in the provided pouch when not in use.

If your item needs to be restrung the costs are as follows:

Mala necklaces: $35

Worry beads: $25

Mala bracelets: $15

All prices are in AUD.

You are responsible for all shipping costs.

Any additional repair costs are determined on an individual basis.

Email with a picture of your item to get the process started.

Please note, I only restring Gypsea Jewel Studio mala necklaces, worry beads and bracelets.